Why Use an Explainer Video?

We all know that video marketing is expanding day by day in a huge way. People love to see video material to get an idea about any product and service instead of spending time on any other form of content. Also due to advancement of technology and internet speed, its more easy to watch video on mobile device at any time while surfing on internet or using social media.

There are many businesses that can have a difficult time to expressing what it is they do in an effective way that a potential customer can easily understand about their product or services are all about. Also, when a user visits a website, how often he or she leave it with an idea about what the services the businesses are providing? if we will say most of them left without getting proper idea about the services. This is where animated videos come into the picture.

A user particularly responds with an idea that is familiar with them in an any close or broader way. So by engaging a unfamiliar ideas with the familiar ones, adding key benefits and features of product in an informative way, a story empress through video help introduce viewers to your product or services, and it gives a reason to viewer to think about your business. The purpose of having a website visit will solve in many ways by just adding a short explainer videos into your website.

Why Explainer Videos Are So Effective

Brief but comprehensive:

Explainer videos are brief about your business. Normally its just only a few minutes long, so user stay to watch till end in most cases as its fun and informative to watch. Shorten your message is always helpful to convey to your target audience.

Explain about a problem and its solution:

It helps to relate the problem with solution and its more effective to show your customers rather than to convince them to read a article.

Get Creative :

In explainer videos which has something that relate you with your life or daily activities with some humour attached the attendance to watch the video which is worth to spend couple of minutes.

Use anywhere:

Once you have a videos you can use it anywhere, you can use it on your website, on YouTube, Facebook and on any other social media to get share/views and likes, which helps to get more audience and more business.

Brand promotion:

You can add your brand name or logo throughout the video which help to promote your brand, people will know about your and your brand more wisely.

Show off benefits:

By using visual effects you can show off your products or services with a brief demonstration or a walkthrough, this helps customers to know about its working and also get rid of many of their doubt.

Prove your worth:

Explainer videos also helps you to prove your brand value with visual representation of statistics in forms of charts and trends or showing clients which for you are already working and doing well.


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